Summer-only Garden Pool OPEN with a view of the sea 


The garden pool with excellent openness with a view of the sea is open only during the summer vacation.
Enjoy the summer of resorts while feeling the refreshing Nanki wind.

Operating period: From July 13, 2024 (Sat) to July 15 (Mon) 11:00 From July 20 (Sat) to September 1 (Sun) 11:00
Location: 1F Hotel Courtyard
Operating hours: 9:00~11:00/13:00~18:00
Size: Adult pool: About 25m wide: About 12.5m water depth: About 1.2m (deformed)
Children's pool: About 7.2m in diameter, water depth about 30cm (circular)

※Guests are free of charge. Please note that there is no day trip service.
※You can use it before checking in from 13:00. Please use the locker room.
※Sales may be suspended due to bad weather or other circumstances.
※We don't have a swimsuit rental.